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People Print. Not Printers.

Stacked offers Managed Print Services (MPS) with a difference. We work with HP, “the worlds most preferred printers” to offer a solution which focuses on what your people are doing and not just what the printers are doing. Our people-centric approach to managed print services enables us to create an effective print policy for your business which will reduce your costs and give you back control of what your users are printing.

Our MPS model delivers value throughout the lifetime of the relationship, not just at the start. Our continuous improvement approach means that we regularly restart the “needs assessment” process so that we can optimise your printer fleet and deliver additional solution benefits on an ongoing basis.

Stacked are proud to be a HP Premier Partner for Managed Print Services.

If you’re thinking of moving to a (new) managed print supplier and you’re having trouble deciding which one…put HP & Stacked on your shortlist now!



It’s not if you will get attacked, but when. Protect your data with the only printers that can detect and self-heal from malware. Defend your network with HP’s most secure printing. As the Fixer says, “adapt or be dinner”.

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