Supplier Consolidation

We understand that your supply chain is vital to your business and in order to optimise it you need to first rationalise it.

We can unlock the power of our vendor relationships to help you streamline your supplier base and remove the unnecessary cost associated with multiple service providers.

Consolidating Your Spend

Spend less time managing your suppliers and more time focusing on your core business. We will work with you to consolidate the supply of your key business products and services resulting in immediate benefits for your business.

Why Consider Supplier Consolidation?

Time is Money

Managing everything that comes with having multiple suppliers takes a lot of time, time which could be spent on focusing on your core business – on revenue generating and customer facing activities.

One Stop Shop

Our long-established partnerships with some of the biggest global suppliers of Business & IT products means that we are in a unique position to be able to offer our customers a one stop shop for all of their business requirements. Working with us as your primary workplace solutions provider means that you can consolidate your suppliers across multiple products and services, which will in turn simplify your ordering and account management processes, saving time, reducing costs, and allowing you to focus on what matters most.

If you would like to discuss the benefits to your business for consolidating your supplies with Stacked, call our team today on 0818 409 988.

Supplier Consolidation is better for the environment but we help in other ways too.


One team, one phone number, one point of contact for all of your accounts and customer service queries – means less time spent managing your products and services.

Dedicated Business Supplies & Technology Portals​

Manage your own users and ranges from our Business Supplies portal. Set budgets and authorisation triggers to help control spend. Buy IT hardware and software online or simply click to request a quote for larger or more complex purchases.

Less Deliveries = Reduced Carbon Footprint

Save on delivery costs, interruption of multiple deliveries per day/week and reduce your carbon footprint.

Strategic Support​

We can use your overall spend data to help find cost savings and efficiencies for your business.

Bespoke Stock – A One Stop Shop​

We can procure bespoke or branded items for you using our increased buying power. And when we say ‘one stop shop’ we really mean it. If something is not in our catalogues that doesn’t mean we can’t get it for you. All you have to do is ask.

Your Carbon Footprint​

We offer our Business Supplies customers the option of having an audit on their frequently ordered Business Supplies products with a view to recommending ‘greener’ options in support of their own company’s Green Policy or to help reduce their carbon footprint.

We make a point of highlighting environmentally friendly products in our marketing activities and we strive to always work with partners with a similar sustainability ethos as ours.

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If this sounds familiar, talk to us about how we can use our buying power and tailored approach to help you consolidate procurement for your business.