We’ve all had to get used to a new kind of  ‘normal’ over the past couple of months.

For those of us lucky enough to be working from home, we’ve been dealing with all sorts of unusual issues, from babies crying and dogs barking on conference calls to frustratingly inconsistent WiFi connectivity.

We spoke to some of our Stackers and asked them to share something they have been struggling with in the current environment and how they are overcoming it…


“Working from home has made some elements so much easier for me as the hardest part of my day typically was the commute in traffic. That has magically disappeared – puff! My car is very happy with this side too. I have never seen it clean for so long!

However, the other side of it is that with Mama home, it is not always easy for the family to differentiate between ‘Working Mama’ and just ‘Mama’. I’m finding that now it is a case of working a full day and then coming out of the “office” to find the family waiting for dinner to land in front of them.  Normally they would have had their dinner prepared by my husband on his off days from work as they came in from school but with school gone, we have defaulted to weekend eating routines.

I love cooking so I am loving being around to cook all sorts of new dinners for the family and lots of baking too but when you have three teenagers and a 9-year old hovering over your shoulder asking “is it ready yet” and “how much longer”, the joy can be zapped out of it pretty quickly 😊.

So we came up with a new plan! On the days my husband is out at work, I set up three boxes with folded paper in them. Each paper has a “Thing to Do”, “Skill to Master” and a  “Job to Do”. I honestly thought my kids would want to kill me when I left this on the kitchen counter the first morning and that all I would hear is them moaning about having jobs to do, but oddly, they enjoy it!

I think my kids are perhaps missing their structure or routine or that sense of achievement they would typically get from school days. It’s not easy coming up with all of these different ideas but its fun having them come in to me throughout the day with their updates. My daughter just came in to tell me she has mastered doing a complete bed-clothes change! It’s a good day in my eyes – life-lesson in the bag!”

gillian working from home


“For those of us working from home in these uncertain times, it can be easy to become frustrated about all of the unknowns. On top of that we can’t even be with our loved ones or our workmates. Sometimes that frustration can build up and even small things can seem insurmountable.  For me it’s a slow WiFi connection.  Even though I know that high volumes of traffic online are causing intermittent issues nationwide, it can sometimes feel like I am the only one this is happening to!

So what do I do? Do I stamp my feet and act like a 4 year old? Previously yes. (LOL) But now I have Eric. 

Eric is a stress absorber.

If you find that small things are getting to you, my advice is get yourself an Eric. Eric doesn’t look at you like you’re a weirdo when you end up throwing a tantrum on the kitchen floor. Eric doesn’t roll his eyes and tell you to get off the floor. Eric doesn’t ignore you and step over your tantrum like your dog does. Eric listens to you without judgement no matter what you’re complaining about. Eric is on your side.

Here is a picture of Eric to cheer you up (Eric is on the right).

We will get through this. Stay safe.”

saul working from home


“At the beginning of the social distancing restrictions, I was really struggling with having less time to relax outside. I used to bring my nephew and niece to the playground in the local park and just chill there with my family.

Between working from home and myself and my husband taking turns to only shop once a week and not being able to visit anyone, it’s been difficult. I’m lucky enough to have a decent sized garden though, so with the milder weather coming in, I’m making sure I get some Vitamin D every morning by having my tea outside. It totally recharges me for the day. I also take my breaks outside whenever the weather allows it. It’s really good to get away from the screen for a bit. Being outside surrounded by flowers, trees and birdsong definitely helps clear my head.”

nadine working from home
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