Why HP Leads In Print Security

We offer the world’s most secure HP printers, printers which can self-heal and include built-in security to help keep your network safe.

We can bring these powerful security tools to your entire fleet, along with fleet security monitoring, automated monitoring of device settings, and security-event detection tools.

Protect the device – Protect the data – Protect the document

HP Printer Protection
HP data protection
HP document protection

Protect the device

Self-healing security features automatically detect and block attacks

Built-in encryption helps protect your sensitive business information

Upgradeable firmware protects your investment

Protect the data

End-to-end encryption helps protect your sensitive data at every step along a document’s journey

Print Security Health Check verifies the destination print device is safe before sending sensitive documents

Document Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls how identity-bound data is viewable to licensed users

Protect the document

HP pull print solutions help you reduce unclaimed print jobs, protect confidential documents and improve efficiency

Data Loss Prevention interrupts the print stream when your company policies aren’t being followed

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