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Frequently Asked Questions

We supply printers from both HP and Xerox in our Managed Print division. Generally, up to date troubleshooting steps can be found by searching your printer make and model online or going directly to the support area of the manufacturers website.

Below are the most common issues our support team encounter with advice from HP.

99% of all lines and streaks on copies made by feeding the original documents through the automatic document feeder (ADF) are caused by debris on the ADF glass. Debris can include dust, paper or toner dust, residue from sticky note adhesive, correction fluid or tape, ink, fingerprints, and more. Even the tiniest of specks can cause the light reflected off the original to be distorted, resulting in a line, streak, or smudge on copies or scans made from the ADF.

In many cases, debris is not readily visible, can be very easy to miss, and might not be removed with just a quick wipe. A soft, lint free cloth moistened with water is usually sufficient to clean debris but more stubborn debris might require additional steps. 

If needed, lens cleaner or nonabrasive glass cleaner can be applied to the cloth before cleaning the glass. Spray only onto the cloth and not directly onto the glass or device. Do not spray water or glass cleaner on the glass as it can seep under it and possibly damage the printer.
Do not use abrasives, acetone, benzene, ethyl alcohol, or carbon tetrachloride on the glass; these can damage it and/or leave residue on the glass resulting in degraded copy/scan quality.

If a straightforward cleaning does not resolve the issue, check out this video from HP.

First check any obvious areas where the paper enters or exits the device – such as the external input tray, output tray and automatic document feeder and remove any jammed paper.

Paper jams can also occur inside the printer. Use a flashlight to check each area for torn paper or other debris but turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord before checking any internal areas.
Please note that on some Laserjet printers, you might need to remove the toner cartridge and/or imaging drum to access the paper jam.
If the issue persists, this video from HP might help.

Most printers support a variety of apps, plugins, and wireless connection methods to print directly from a mobile device. The solutions available for each printer varies by model and country/region. With HP devices you can use any of the below methods depending on the device and the setup.

Print Anywhere with the HP Smart app.

HP Print Service Plugin (Android)

Apple AirPrint (iOS, iPad OS)

Wi-Fi Direct or HP wireless direct

For more information on mobile printing for HP devices visit https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/ish_2843711-2427128-16

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