“The Papercut software on our fleet has enabled us to introduce secure printing in all Kirby Group offices. Users are required to scan their swipe cards before using the printer.”


“Having one company managing our print fleet means that we have one point of contact and a far more efficient service.”

Firmware and Administration

“Firmware is all managed by Stacked with no input from Kirby IT required. With regard to administration, Kirby IT notify Stacked of location updates or new sites and they manage it from there.”


“We have noticed a big drop in the number of pages printed and the cost of printing since we introduced Papercut. Papercut allows us to set print policies for all print jobs.”


“All devices supplied are brand new and we now have the same make and model across all locations so there is familiarity for all users no matter what site or office they are working at.”

The Objective

Traditionally Kirby would purchase each printer outright for a site location and then contract a service provider local to the site. This resulted in the company having contracts with numerous suppliers in each country (Ireland, UK & Mainland Europe) for toner and maintenance. The administration and logistics of this was time consuming and difficult to manage from the head office.

The main issue that Kirby needed to rectify was the amount of time it was taking to manage their printer fleet. This issue stemmed from having to deal with multiple suppliers in several different countries. Printing policies were also non-existent as they had no print management software in place.


The Solution

Stacked provided a full fleet of printers across various sites and locations and helped Kirby to procure and setup Papercut print management software which allowed them to introduce a more secure print service for all printers across the company.

The Reasoning

Having one service provider managing their entire printer fleet means one company, one invoice and one point of contact for everything print related. This is drastically reduced the complexity involved in managing the Kirby printer fleet. Users are also now required to use their swipe cards to access the print jobs that they have sent to the printer. This is essential as it provides a much higher level of security for the company’s data.

The Result

“We heard about Stacked through a colleague. The deployment and implementation of the Stacked Managed Print Solution into our organisation went well logistically, given how diverse our company locations are. We have had no issues with the after sales and service and would happily recommend Stacked for Managed Print Solutions to other organisations in our sector.”

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