Our Approach

We take a simple 4 step approach to all our interior projects, working closely with you at each stage to ensure your project runs smoothly.


What are your objectives and budget?

We believe great design doesn’t need to be expensive; many ideas are brought out from conversation and development between people in your organisation and ours, starting from an understanding of your aims and aspirations. We want to understand what is important to you. Whether that is to update your working environment with ergonomics, to get more meeting and breakout space or maybe to increase your head count in your current available space. Each objective will require a different approach.


We will suggest the best range for to fit your needs.

At this point our specialist will propose the furniture collections which they feel would work best for your objective, budget and business. They will take on board your ideas and interpret them into an achievable once plan to present to you. Our specialists then advise on timescales and best delivery options as well as what type of look you want and what is achievable.


Presentation of 3D plans and layouts of proposed furniture.

To give you a full understanding of how the chosen furniture would look in your once we over a CAD drawing service, which details the once layout, as well as full colour 3D visualisations. Not only can you envisage your once before taking the plunge you can also be reassured that your choices will fit within both the space and within the branding of your business.


Delivery and installation of your new furniture.

Once you are happy with the proposal and visualisations we would work on the correct timings for delivering and installing the furniture. We can deliver an install solution tailored to you; you may want as little disruption as possible and need to install the furniture in several stages or prefer to do it all at once- we will be flexible to your business requirements and tailor a solution to fit you.