“An international survey of 10,000 workers by Ipsos found that 85% of employees are unhappy with their office environment and struggle to concentrate. Being able to work privately was important to 95% however only 41% said this was possible in their current workplace.”

The average employee spends a third of their day and more than half of their waking hours in work. Many spend a lot more than this. A poorly designed office or working environment will directly affect your employees mental and physical health.

Think about your home and the time and money you invest in it. Why? You want your home to be inviting, clean and comfortable and you want it to facilitate all of the activities you need it for; be it cooking, watching TV, sleeping or just helping the kids with their homework. If you live in a space that doesn’t work for your family, you will quickly become frustrated.

It is the exact same situation with a work or office environment. Old, dirty broken furniture, desks and chairs that are not adjustable, noisy environments, clutter and a lack of ergonomic aids will contribute to low productivity, low morale, disengagement and inevitably a high staff turnover.


stacked office furniture cone acoustic absorber screen

To help you create private, quiet spaces within a noisy or open plan environment, consider our Cone products. Cone is a great solution for sound absorption and sound reduction with a designer’s touch. This acoustic screen is available in two forms, round and rectangle. Both shapes of the screen share the same type of modern wooden stand which adds character to any office, hotel or restaurant space.


stacked office furniture leap desk converter

Even if you have a limited budget or are not in a position to replace your office furniture, you can still implement adjustable desking options for your staff. The Leap Desk Converter is a smart electric standing desk converter that delivers a sit-stand solution to fixed height workspaces everywhere. Leap Desk Converters also include two USB charge points to supply fast and convenient charging for electric products.

Health & Wellbeing

stacked office interiors ergonomics gymba

Gymba is designed to make you more active in the workplace and help you stand the correct way while working at your desk. It is recommended that you use Gymba 50% of the time you spend at your workplace for maximum benefit. After a few days of using Gymba you should notice the difference including reduced back pain and improved body condition.

Staff that feel cared for and valued will always stay longer and work harder.

We take a simple four step approach to all of our interior projects, working closely with you at each stage to ensure your project runs smoothly. For more information on this and to browse our range of furniture catalogues use the buttons below.

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