Stacked Managed Print Services: In Partnership with Xerox & HP

Mobility for Your Device, Data and Documents

Users want to be able to utilise mobile printing to easily share data, signed forms and documents but quite rightly have concerns around security and encryption, compliance and ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policies.

We are actively working with operating system providers and device manufacturers to make mobile printing as simple as possible.

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Xerox Mobile Printing

Print from virtually anywhere to anywhere with mobile printing solutions from Xerox. Whether you want to print from your Android or iOS phone or tablet, or send documents wirelessly to your office multifunction printer, we make it easy.

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Wireless Printing

Enjoy the freedom of untethered printing from your smartphone or tablet via wireless, or Wi-Fi, printing. When your mobile device and your printer are connected to the same network, you can print practically anything.

Mobile and Cloud-Ready Printers

Xerox® ConnectKey® technology-enabled printers and MFPs take the guesswork out of mobile printing. Our VersaLink® and AltaLink® products come with everything you need to print, scan and share, to and from the cloud. These smart workplace assistants also have tablet-like touchscreens, benchmark printer security and customized apps.

Apps and Software for Mobile Working

Choose software and apps to print from, and scan to, anywhere you work. Use our apps to print/scan from your favourite cloud-based services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Other ConnectKey mobile printing apps, such as the free @PrintByXerox app, simplify the connection process with your email account or Microsoft® Office® tools. This helps everyone get on the same page, instantly.

Capture the power of a Xerox® MFP with your mobile devices by using the Xerox® Mobile Link App

The use of mobile phones and tablets in the workplace is an everyday occurrence. Mobile users are looking for flexible and seamless connections between mobile devices and multifunction printers (MFPs).

Xerox® Mobile Link is a mobile app that can scan, email, fax and print* from your phone or tablet by connecting with Xerox® multifunction printers. It is also able to send data to cloud storage.

3-in-1 App: Capture It, Manage It, Send It

Capture It:

Capture documents with your mobile camera. Camera capture can auto adjust for image skew, parallelism. Capture documents with the MFP scanner using the app’s remote capability.

Manage It:

Merge documents into a single document. Add PDF passwords.

Send It:

Send to single or multiple destinations, including printers. Create one-touch workflows. Leverages your contacts and cloud logins.

Workflow Examples

  • Receive scanned data from Xerox® MFPs direct to a phone, tablet or email.
  • Scan photos and then upload to a personal or team cloud storage service. Combine multiple scan files into a single PDF file.
  • Send documents to multiple destinations in one-touch workflows. Scan to multiple destinations simultaneously—email, Dropbox™ and mobile phone—in one touch.
  • Print data, images and documents with available Apple® AirPrint™, Xerox® Print Service Plug-in for Android™ or Xerox® Mobile Print Cloud/Xerox® Mobile Print Solution.*

HP offers mobile printing solutions, both on-premise and cloud-based, that integrate into your infrastructure and provide the visibility and reporting to meet your security and compliance requirements. Help employees stay productive with effortless mobile printing from their smartphones, tablets, and notebooks—while maintaining security policies and managing printer access with HP JetAdvantage mobile printing software solutions and hardware options.

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Across businesses large and small, mobility is transforming the way we work. Work is now collaborative, flexible, and project-oriented. It’s unbound by time or geography. From C-suites to sales floors, mobile users expect to access protected resources, exchange secure information, and print safely on local as well as remote printers, all from their mobile devices. And that’s not all IT has to contend with.

Some companies have developed a hybrid strategy that includes corporate-owned devices as well as a BYOD program. Users want easy and reliable printing from any mobile platform or operating system, regardless of where they are. IT administrators need control over network access and printer output to protect confidential information and manage printing costs.

No matter what your objectives for your mobile workforce, HP’s innovative solutions offer a seamless mobile print experience.

HP Roam is a simple cloud-based printing solution that allows users to print from any PC or mobile device and release on any HP enabled printer – regardless of location.

PrinterOn is the premier mobile printing solution that enables users to securely print from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, to any printer, no matter the networks in between. This solution enables secure printing, tracking and management for all print workflows whether desktop or mobile.

HP offers three distinct approaches to mobile printing: direct print, cloud solutions, and business in-network solutions. Each delivers ease of use without sacrificing security.

By establishing a peer-to-peer wireless connection, direct print solutions allow mobile users to print using a discrete wireless signal from the printer that is separate from the network.

Cloud-based printing services help workers stay productive wherever they are. But how does this work in real life?

Tammy works on her home PC to finish a sales presentation, then uses HP Roam to print to her personal cloud queue. Later, when she enters the office, her mobile phone notifies her there’s a printer close by. She selects stapling and 12 copies and takes the professional-looking handouts to her meeting with the customer.

With Business In-Network Solutions you can proactively manage mobile access to printers and keep data safely within the network by deploying a comprehensive solution on-premise or over a private cloud. HP’s managed mobile solutions deliver ease of use for employees along with full administrative control, including integration with existing IT systems.

What is ePRINTit?

This public cloud-based service enables printing at more than 20,000 public print locations, without having to sign on to a managed solution. ePRINTit is also an excellent out-of-box solution for education and retail environments that require robust customer-facing features along with payment integration. ePRINTit lets users print virtually any kind of electronic file from almost any kind of computing device. Using the ePRINTit app, the user sends their print job and then receives a release code. The job is not printed until the user enters the code at a supported ePRINTit device. Payment portals are available on the mobile and desktop applications.