It is now over seven months since the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect.

The scope of GDPR was extensive and somewhat overwhelming for most businesses, regardless of their size. Unfortunately, because of this, many Irish businesses are still playing catch up when it comes to executing robust data protection processes internally. One significant area that tends to be overlooked or pushed to the bottom of the list is business printing.

A lot of organisations still have shared print environments which, when examined with GDPR in mind, fail to comply with even the most basic data protection requirements.

As you can imagine, in most businesses a printed confidential customer list can easily be picked up by a visitor or unauthorised person. It is also true that an unsecured print network is a way for hackers to gain access to both the print data and your network. This could lead to a data breach under GDPR and may mean that your business would be subject to penalties if audited by the Data Protection Commission.

If your business processes or holds personal information on EU citizens, then your software, systems and processes must be designed (or redesigned) to support GDPR compliance.

Personal information is defined as anything that can be used to identify an individual, including but not limited to; email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses and IP addresses. If information like this is ever printed on a device in your business, then you must ensure that is it safeguarded and that you can demonstrate these safeguards if required.

Stacked are a HP Managed Print Premier Partner with customers both in Ireland and abroad. We have extensive experience looking after organisations of all sizes and we specialise in ensuring an efficient, cost effective managed print process is implemented and supported within your business.

Solutions we offer include ‘Pin to Print’ and Smart Card Managers as well as comprehensive security software to protect your devices, systems and software from external threats.

If you are not sure whether your print processes are currently GDPR compliant or if you would simply like to find out whether you can reduce your costs by implementing a managed print solution, get in touch!

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