Capture, route and share information easily

stacked hp managed print workflow

Document Workflow Printing Solutions for Business

What if you could…

  • Simplify capture tasks on MFPs, making capturing data as easy as pressing the copy button?
  • Reduce costs associated with distributing paper documents?
  • Increase productivity by making it easy to find, access and distribute documents?
  • Eliminate fax lines and save long-distance charges every month?
  • Implement a capture and route solution without additional training or a lengthy upgrade process?
  • Extend enterprise document capture and routing capabilities to your remote and mobile employees on smartphones or tablets?

The challenge

Overwhelming amounts of paper and electronic information can impact productivity. Managing and storing this information can be costly and time-consuming. Especially if you want it done accurately and efficiently.

Make your information work for you. Convert paper-based and electronic documents into digital files to streamline workflow, reduce costs, increase productivity and enhance security. With simple, one-time digital capture, you can have immediate access to documents for easy distribution and tracking.