Sharpen your device, data and document security

Stacked Can Help

It’s time to develop and deploy an end-to-end imaging and print security strategy.

With the embedded security features in both HP & Xerox devices and such a broad portfolio of solutions and services, Stacked can help give you the strategic foundation to assess, manage and fortify security for:

• Imaging and printing fleets
• Data in transit and at rest
• Printed documents
• Cloud access
• Printing from mobile devices

With Stacked you get security for your device, your data and your documents and the peace of mind that comes with it

1. We help defend your imaging and printing environment

2. We help protect the data

3. We help protect documents

Network Security from Xerox

To ensure your device behaves like a good network citizen, many Xerox printers and MFPs include features that protect them from unauthorised remote access. These secure print features protect the confidentiality of data as it moves across your network, to and from the printer. These print security features include IPFiltering, IPSec and SSL/TLS data encryption, digital certificates, network authentication and 802.1x device authentication.