Most businesses nowadays opt for an open-plan layout, especially when they are located in modern buildings. Open-plan layouts are believed to drive collaboration, inclusiveness and team bonding.

Some organisations have even eliminated designated desks for their staff, opting instead to have a system of hot desking whereby staff can work remotely and/or wherever they can find a seat.

There are obviously pros and cons to an open-plan approach and the success of it depends entirely on the company culture, the type of work involved and of course, the personalities involved. Before you switch to an open-plan office, consider the benefits and the disadvantages.

The Pros

  • Better communication between staff
  • More collaboration
  • Promotes camaraderie and team bonding
  • Makes management seem more approachable
  • Increased sense of community
  • More space
  • Fits more people
  • Easy to rearrange / reconfigure
  • Looks better so it feels better
  • Conveys a modern vibe
  • Cheaper to set up
  • More visibility on staff activities

The Cons

  • Hard to find a quiet place for a confidential phone-call or meeting
  • Difficulties in organising suitable spaces for group voice or video conference calls or to attend webinars
  • Unsuitable for private HR interviews or performance related conversations
  • Can be difficult to ignore distractions
  • Multiple conversations occurring simultaneously can make it hard to concentrate
  • Background noise can be an issue for customers and supplier on calls
  • Climate control and lighting issues, can be hard to find a balance agreeable to everyone
  • Illnesses spread quickly
  • No privacy to facilitate focused work
  • Increased ‘open back visibility’ can cause stress and a feeling of ‘being watched’.

Some people (and roles) require a collaborative atmosphere to work efficiently.

Others need quiet and calm and work more efficiently alone. Workers in open-plan environments have reported that not having a designated desk makes them feel unsettled whilst there are others that thrive in this type of environment preferring not to be tied down to one area.

Understandably, open-plan spaces can be frustrating when it is necessary to have closed meetings, make confidential phone-calls or when you need to participate in a conference call or attend a webinar. However, it is completely possible to have the best of both worlds.

If your offices are already open-plan and you are finding that you are short on private or quiet spaces but want to keep your existing layout, then why not consider a Hush Pod?

These pods provide advanced acoustic solutions delivering isolated places in the office for employees to hold important meetings, make private phone calls and focus on their work without distraction.

They look fantastic and there’s one to fit every requirement, layout, colour scheme and budget!

hush pod options for open-plan spaces

Hush Phone

Separation of areas for telephone calls and video-conferencing is becoming a key element of a friendly office open to the needs of its users. The best solutions are those that provide comfort without the costly rearrangement of the entire office space! Hush Phone occupies only 1 square meter –the small dimensions and weight allow it to be set or adjusted to the current needs of any organisation.

Hush Work Sit Stand

A new approach to individual work, this pod includes advanced acoustic solutions to ensure comfort and allow the user to create dedicated space for focused work. The pod includes a height adjustable desk which can be manually adjusted between 670-1250 mm.

Hush Meet S

Hush Meet S allows you to conduct meetings in a comfortable and secure environment. The pod is an excellent alternative to small conference rooms and would suit any office environment.

Hush Meet L

Hush Meet L is a true alternative to traditional conference rooms. The modular design of Hush Meet L includes a selection of models to harmonize perfectly with your office space. No construction work required. No renovation required. Each module is a room-in-a-box that is perfect for longer or more formal meetings.