Over the past few years, the risks and dangers of sitting at desks for long periods of time have been discussed at length.

However, most companies believe that advising their employees to get up and move around every couple of hours or conducting an annual ergonomic assessment of their work areas will offset these dangers. Unfortunately, that’s not really true. While advice like this should definitely be heeded and your work station should be ergonomically assessed, these things alone cannot possibly provide enough benefits to negate the risks of being in a stationary sitting position for up to 8 hours each day.

At the same time, restrictions on off-the-shelf modular desks and work stations mean that it can be awkward for employers to provide work areas which can be properly adjusted to suit the individual.


Muscles are less active and therefore burn less fat while a person is seated. Together with a higher blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels, this increases the risk of heart disease. People who sit for more than 8 hours a day, double their risk of developing heart disease compared to those who sit for less than 4 hours a day.


Standing desks appear to have a positive influence on overall wellbeing. In one 7-week study, participants using standing desks reported less stress and fatigue than those who remained seated the entire work day. One study found that standing desks can lower feelings of stress and fatigue, while improving mood and energy levels.


Staying seated for long periods of time can cause weight pressure to be unevenly distributed over the spine, leading to spinal problems in the lower back. Several studies show that standing desks can dramatically decrease chronic back pain caused by prolonged sitting.


Remaining seated for too long may result in swollen ankles and varicose veins, caused by fluids sinking down into the legs.


If you stay fixed in one position, insufficient oxygen-rich blood will be pumped around the body, causing brain function to slow down.


Prolonged periods of sitting can slow down your metabolism and promote fat accumulation. By simply standing up intermittently while you work, you’ll instantly decrease your risk of obesity. Using active workstations such as a Leap desk will keep you productive, while also keeping you in shape.


Studies have found a strong link between increased sitting time and early death. This is not surprising given the strong association between sedentary time, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. A review of 18 studies found those who sit the most are at a 49% greater risk of dying early than those who sit the least. It’s estimated that reducing sitting time to 3 hours per day can raise the average life expectancy by two years.


If you stay seated all day, your leg muscles and gluteus muscles will become inactive, thus reducing your ability to sit up straight.

All of this might sound a bit alarming, but you don’t have to take it sitting down (pun intended!) The fact is that monitors on stacked up reams of paper do not make up for a desk that is at the wrong height. However, there is now an affordable and easy to implement way to provide your employees with a work area that will actively benefit their health and wellbeing. After all, looking after the people that look after your customers, just makes sense.

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Leap is the future of desking, providing many benefits to employee health and productivity. Leap is a sit-stand desk which can be electrically adjusted to sitting or standing height to prevent problems associated with prolonged sitting. The range of desking includes a single stand-alone desk, bench desk and radial desk. Our frames can be manually expanded to accommodate tops from 1200mm to 1800mm in width and electronically adjusted from 655 to 1255mm in height, all at the touch of a button with the touch-sensitive controls.

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If you are not in a position to replace your existing desks, we can even help you to convert your existing furniture, making it fully adjustable!

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