We speak to Paul Sweetman, Managing Director of Stacked, for an insight into exactly what a Stacker is and why MPS is the way forward…

paul sweetman managing director stacked

Paul Sweetman, Managing Director of Stacked Ltd.

What’s an average day like for you?

“Well for a start it’s never the same, that’s what makes this job so interesting. Typically, a day will involve meetings with suppliers, customers and staff. I try and make sure that I get an insight into the different components that make up our business and meeting people is a great way to do that.

Building a business that is working for all of our stakeholders; customers, staff and suppliers is key. When everyone is happy, you find that growth comes more naturally, and it becomes a better environment to do business in.”

How long has Stacked been in business?

“We’ve been in business since 2001. We started in the office supplies space and we now provide HP Managed Print Services along with a wide range of Business & IT Supplies including Hardware, PPE, Office Furniture & Fit-Outs.

Our priority is to build and maintain a company culture that focuses on looking after and anticipating our customers’ needs. The people that deal directly with our customers every day are our means to accomplish this. We believe that for our stackers to be truly effective, they need to be nurtured, developed and inspired.”

 What is a Stacker?

“To be a true Stacker it’s not about your experience or WHAT you do, it’s how you go about your job and whether you are embracing our core values of being eager, positive, flexible, supportive and great! We feel that these qualities are the cornerstones of being a great Stacker. Adopting our core values is one sure way of earning the title of Stacker but more importantly, it will ensure that customers and staff alike have a positive experience when dealing with Stacked!”

What is a Managed Print Service?

“As we say in Stacked, people print, not printers. We recognise the need to properly understand our clients and their business to really understand their needs around a managed print solution.

Today it is about so much more than the devices. They are simply the enablers to print. But they can also be so much more. GDPR compliance and improving security are shaping so many of the solutions we are positing today. Then there is the drive to automate traditional workflows in a business, so we are constantly seeking to understand how we can use these devices to improve efficiencies.”

Why should a business consider it?

“We akin our Managed Print Solutions to any utility; you come in to work and they are just on. You focus on your business while we add the value around your print infrastructure. We can identify how you can use print to drive out waste and reduce cost. We can then layer on solutions that are going to make your business more secure and automate your workflows.

We offer services and support nationwide and we don’t outsource. If you call us with an issue you will get straight through to our own support team. We have turned the support model on its head when it comes to resolution. Because of our skilled people and systems, we remote fix 77% of the calls that come into our support centre, meaning that our customers are getting a better experience first time with minimal downtime on their devices.”



Why work with Stacked?

“As a business that started out small, we understand the everyday headaches that both large and small business owners have – especially as a business grows or the environment it operates in changes, as was the case for most businesses with GDPR. Our mantra has always been to try to help customers free up their precious time to allow them to do what they do best, run their business.”

Advice to someone considering Managed Print Services?

“If there is one reason you should consider this, it should be for security. The exposure that a weak and unmanaged print network can create for a business is huge. I would always say to people, ‘let us come in and just have a chat.’ We take a consultative approach with our assessments and then we leave it to the customer to decide if it is the right solution for them. In most situations, the business case for MPS makes it very easy for the customer to say yes. Choosing HP and Stacked gives customers an industry leading Managed Print Solution which makes sense on all levels.”


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