Do a google search on how to improve productivity in your workplace and you’ll be presented with a LOT of results.

google search on productivity in the office

There is tons of advice on productivity out there but here at Stacked we think the key is to work smarter, not harder. Keep it simple and make a list of five key areas where you think things could be improved in your workplace. In each area list some possible solutions. Ask your co-workers for their opinion – after all a problem shared is a problem halved.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, we’ve come up with a sample list of focus areas (and solutions) to help you get the ball rolling…

The Right Fuel

Although too much coffee is obviously not good for you, it’s effects on productivity should not be underestimated! We think that a ‘quality over quantity’ approach should be used with the office coffee machine. Your staff will thank you for supplying a good quality coffee and the coffee itself will hit the mark a lot faster and more effectively.

Alternative beverages such as herbal teas and water can be offered to provide some balance. It’s also a good idea to offer a few healthy snacks for the 3pm slump to encourage a steady rise in blood sugar rather than a high followed by a crash.

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Make Your Self at Home

Let your staff personalise their space as much as possible so that they have a comfortable and pleasant area that they look forward to being in. Ergonomics play a big part in this. Ensuring that your staff have a comfortable, supportive chair, good quality, large screens at the right height and gel wrist rests can make the world of difference to enabling them to work harder for longer.

Did you know that monitor arms free up valuable desk space and enable you to effortlessly move your screen to the correct height and angle to reduce back, neck and eye strain?

That’s not to say you shouldn’t encourage your staff to take regular breaks away from their screens to stretch and give their eyes a rest. Making sure that they don’t leave the office at the end of every day with stiff necks and sore eyes will ensure that work doesn’t start leaving a bad taste in their mouths!

/Arista-Lexi-High-Back-ChairFellowes Smart Suites Monitor Riser Plus Black 8020801Fellowes Premium Gel Adjustable Mouse Pad/Wrist Support 9374001Fellowes I-Spire Series Lumbar Cushion Grey 8042201Fellowes Smart Suites Flat Panel Monitor Arm Black 8038201

A Place for Everything

Apparently, a tidy desk is a tidy mind. I’m not sure how beneficial a tidy mind is to anyone, but a tidy desk probably does help you feel less scattered. Small things like filing trays and pencil pots can help with this and larger furniture items like pedestals and filing cabinets can help you make sure the entire office looks more ordered.

With regard to stationery supplies, our customers tell us that it is really helpful to create one storage area for all of their stationery supplies and a labelled area within the cabinet for different types of stationery, with a focus on the consumables used most often.

They have also said that it is helpful to give responsibility for managing these supplies to just one or two people. A weekly or monthly stock check helps to ensure items are reordered before they run out and that only items actually being used are being ordered.

Depending on the size of your company and how much stationery is being ordered, it might be worth considering automating or centralising the entire process so you can run stock reports on all of your business supplies when necessary.

Either way, putting a process in place should help you eliminate over-ordering which will reduce costs and allow you to analyse your spend and identify where additional savings can be made.

Avery DTR Eco Desk Tidy Black DR400BLKJemini 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet Light Grey KF20043Durable Vario Desk Unit 20 Assorted 5699/00CEP Pro Happy 4-Drawer Module Multi-Coloured 394H MULTISerrion Ferrera Oak 1750mm Cupboard KF838404

Facilitate Planning

Providing planning and communication tools, both physical and virtual can be a huge help in making the work environment more productive for your staff. Obvious things like whiteboards, flip-charts and projectors can help your staff communicate their ideas more effectively and brainstorm more constructively.

Did you know that you can now combine the physical with the virtual through the use of our interactive whiteboards? These whiteboards incorporate touch technology for multiple users and can be hooked up to a projector system.

Bi-Office iRED 200 Interactive Whiteboard 88 Inch IWB170703Optoma Black Portable Projector W330Rolson 4-in-1 Laser Pointer Pen Silver 1230082Nobo Confidential Non-Magnetic Whiteboard 1200x900mm CBDB43 31630514Nobo Desktop Magnetic Glass Board 1905265

Recognise & Reward

Incentivising employees to reach a target is a great way to add a bit of buzz to your work environment. Short term goals are proven to increase productivity and are widely used to motivate sales teams. To make things a bit more interesting you could offer tech rewards like a camera, a new TV, a cool new personal phone, tablet or laptop. We have hundreds of suitable products for rewards and prizes.

If your business prefers to reward through recognition and praise we can provide supplies for creating recognition certificates and awards such as frames, paper, ink, desktop printers and laminators.

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