Did you know Stacked is a Premier Partner for HP Managed Print?

Stacked work closely with HP to bring their customers the latest innovative technologies. Stacked has been working closely with HP for years as a HP Managed Print Partner. Stacked is one of only a select few Premier HP Managed Print Specialists in Ireland and the UK. Offering best-in-class mobile, security and document print solutions, a key differentiator for Stacked is its approach to print assessments. This is driven by its own mantra that “people print, not printers”. While traditionally the industry focuses on the device, Stacked focuses on the user behaviour. In doing so, it helps deliver more savings and gives back control of the print environment to the organisation. The HP managed print solution is scalable from single devices, right up to entire fleets across multiple locations and all the time knowing you are working with the worlds most preferred and secure printers.

Keep your business secure with HP Managed Print

As it is partnered with HP, Stacked can lay claim to having “the most secure printers in the world”. Protecting the device in real time is critical and with HP you get inbuilt security features that protect, detect and then recover the device if there is unauthorised access. Layering these out of the box features with HP’s leading enterprise security solutions is what makes their devices the most secure in the world. Stacked is excited to be one of a select few Premier partners who will have access to HP’s new range of 16 A3 devices which were recently launched. This was quickly followed by a new range of A4 devices in May, making HP’s line-up one of the most upto- date in the industry. HP’s mantra is to keep reinventing so customers get the benefit of continuous improvement and evolution in print. Stacked  are delighted to be one of the chosen HP partners to bring these to the marketplace.


To learn more about HP Managed Print, or to get a Free print assessment call us now on 1890 40 99 88.