Does Your Business Have A Green Policy?

Stacked Can Help You Achieve Your Objectives

We speak to hundreds of businesses each day who are looking for ways to reduce their Carbon Footprint when it comes to supplying their offices. That’s why we’ve added a new eco advice section to our Business Supplies online store. You will find tips on changing your business for the better as well as links to products and categories that are kinder to the planet. And remember, small steps can make a big difference!

According to Fáilte Ireland’s Environmental Sustainability In Business Report;

“Establishing a business case is an important step in assessing the viability of environmentally sustainable practices. If there was no business case behind operating an organisation in an environmentally sustainable way, then it simply would not be practical to expect businesses to consider it as an option. Fortunately, there are a number of points that strongly support the business case for environmental sustainability. The first point to consider is the fact that moving towards environmentally sustainable practices presents few or no risks to business operations. If a business acts now and environmental sustainability continues to become an increasingly important and heavily regulated issue (as it is likely to do), you will have a head start over many of your competitors. Besides some initial outlay involved in moving towards environmental sustainability, there are not likely to be any long term negative impacts or expenses incurred.”

For additional peace of mind, you can rest assured that all of our solutions are designed to help you do what you do best; manage your business. We hold two ISO certifications so our customers can be confident that we ourselves have a robust and environmentally mindful business model and can deliver on our promises.

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To celebrate the launch of our new online eco advice section, we will be adding a treat to every order that contains a ‘green’ product this week!

(28/09/20 – 02/10/2020)

green treat - twix

If you are concerned about your businesses environmental impact, request an Eco Review now. Your Account Manager will check your top ten most frequently ordered products and suggest environmentally friendly alternatives.

For tips, advice and links to products and categories that are more ‘earth friendly’ visit our eco advice section now. And if you have any suggestions or requests, we would love to hear from you! Simply call us on 1890 409 988 or email