1. Consider your needs

What obstacles do you need to overcome with your current space, environment and layout? Are you working with an awkward shaped space or an unusual layout?

Are your desks and monitor screens positioned correctly; i.e. away from the glare of the windows? Is your space fully accessible and compliant with local building regulations?

Do you need cubicles so your employees can focus or open plan spaces for collaboration? Is open plan really best for your particular business?

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2. Now consider your future needs

Is your business growing or changing? Will you need to add desks to accommodate an expanding or seasonal workforce? Are you likely to be in this space for the long term?

Is your space rented? If so, then realistically what changes can be made? Are you limited to looking at furniture rather than fixings?

sit stand work stations from stacked

3. Make comfort and ergonomics a priority

Help your staff work harder for longer by making your furniture flexible and fully adjustable. Look at options such as sit stand desks and workstations, ergonomic chairs, monitor risers, monitor wall mounts and accessories such as back supports, foot-rests, wrist pads and gel mouse mats.

Ask your staff for feedback on where they think improvements can be made and try to factor this into your plan.

sit stand desks from stacked

4. Make your space work for your business

Use every available space by adding dividers to section off different areas for different uses such as formal meetings, informal meetings, relaxation areas and areas for private phone-calls.

Add 4-6-person table and chair sets to larger managers offices so that they can double as meeting rooms.

Use acoustic panelling or glass divider walls to reduce ambient noise in open plan spaces.

Consider landings and hallways as additional spaces to be utilised – can storage or furniture be added on a central landing or in a hallway to accommodate incoming or outgoing post, stationery and IT supplies or catering and facilities supplies for the business? Or can these spaces accommodate the printing or franking devices for the business potentially freeing up valuable space within offices?

Do you have a reception? Is it necessary? If so, can it double as a hot desk?

acoustic and privacy solutions from stacked

5. Co-ordinate

Match the styles and colours of what you’re buying with what you have where possible to save money.

The value and importance that aesthetics plays in improving the overall feel of a space should never be underestimated. Pick a style and a colour scheme when you are making your plan so that the end result of any changes is a pleasing and cohesive environment for your staff.

If your budget allows, try to incorporate some art and plants to soften the scheme. Good office design lightens up the mood, eases stress, and increases productivity.

aesthetics for office interiors by stacked

Whatever your plans are, keep in mind that your choices should make your office a conductive environment for work.

Furthermore, don’t choose furniture just because you like its colour or design. Make choices that go with your brand or your office personality. Where possible, your office furniture should seek to transcend the aesthetic and comfort value it provides; and also reflect your company’s identity and culture.

acoustic solutions and coordinating colour schemes from stacked office supplies

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