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With 22 locations in the US and around the world, Fellowes Brands provides innovative solutions to a global community. Their workplace solutions are designed to meet – and exceed the needs of an ever-changing world. Whether people are in a huge corporate complex or a small home office, Fellowes products are designed to make them more productive.

GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation) became law on 25th May 2018 and it has triggered the biggest changes to EU data privacy regulation in two decades. It applies to anybody (inside or outside the EU) handling the personal data of EU citizens.

An alarming statistic from MarketEffect European Research (2018) for Fellowes showed that 90% of office workers don’t consider data protection a priority!

It is important to ensure that your business has appropriate processes and procedures in place to protect it from both accidental and malicious data breaches.

Data Protection is all about keeping your sensitive information secure.

Use this three-step approach.

  1. Store – Use file storage boxes to get your hard copy documents in order. BANKERS BOX® from Fellowes has partnered with Tree Nation, an established, global organisation with the mission to tackle climate change by planting trees.
  2. Shred – As part of your document retention policy destroy hard copy documents which are no longer required. Fellowes shredders are renowned throughout the world for their quality and performance and they have something to suit every level of usage. To ensure that you choose the right shredder for your business, ask yourself where and how often the shredder will be used, what level of security is needed and if any additional features are needed to make the job easier.
  3. Protect – Protect on screen information and prevent ‘shoulder surfing’ with Privascreen blackout privacy filters.

Did you know that Stacked also offer complete document management solutions within their Managed Print division?

If you are concerned about your business’s compliance under GDPR, you can book a free, no obligation print health check today. We will examine your existing processes, print usage levels, security, workflow and mobility requirements and your budget and advise you on the benefits that implementing a managed print solution could offer your business.  The potential benefits of a document management solution are often wide-ranging and surprising and can include remote support for your devices, remote security monitoring and updates, improved workflows and increased mobility which can assist in freeing up time for staff and reducing costs. You will also have full visibility on what your users are printing and your costs as well as improved network security and protection from cyber-attacks.

  • 74% of EU business say they have Wellbeing Programme in place
  • 80% of Employees say a Wellbeing Programme would crucial to attracting / keeping them over the next 10 years.
Source: OPI Report 2018

According to Fellowes Productivity Report / Loudhouse Research 2018, 45% of office workers said their employers don’t give them the right tools & equipment and 85% of office workers said better ergonomic equipment would help their wellbeing.

According to Fellowes B2B International Research (2018), 38% of IT managers have a proportion of their role dedicated to health and wellbeing. If this falls under your remit, then Fellowes have a range of products that can help you in this area.

Fellowes have a 4 Zone approach to help your staff work better and feel great.

fellowes - zones

Solutions for desk related ailments include….

  • Monitor Supports / Risers
  • Laptop Supports / Risers
  • Monitor Arms
  • Memory Foam / Gel Wrist Supports
  • The Penguin™ Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse
  • Sit-Stand Solutions
  • Foot Supports
  • Back Supports
  • Cable Zip™
  • Technology Cleaning
  • Mousepads
  • Adjustable Workstations
  • Sit-Stand Mats

Fellowes also have a range of flexible, adjustable sit-stand workstations which enable your staff to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing multiple times throughout the day. These products concentrate on ‘Zone 4 – Reducing Inactivity’ as regular changes to your working position helps to reduce fatigue and promote alertness.

*Scandinavians are considered to be some of the healthiest people in Europe, so it’s no surprise that 88% of Swedish and Danish employees have Sit Stand Desks & Workstations Solutions.

*Data from: LPI: 2017-2022 Global Top Countries Contemporary Height-Adjustable Desk Market Report

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