‘Employee morale can quickly build or break a company’s success. Effective leaders keep a close eye on it and enlist simple and creative approaches to strengthen it.’

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1. Inspire 

Help your employees feel that their work is more than just a job. Everyone wants to feel that his or her work has a higher purpose. Sometimes, though, that purpose gets lost in the day-to-day grind. It is up to you as an employer to ‘sell’ the vision, purpose and values of the organisation.

Make the reminders as visual as possible by surrounding your employees with your company branding and messaging. Use screensavers or TVs in common areas to deliver reminders on or examples of your vision, purpose and values. Make sure everyone is aware of the bigger picture and the long-term goals of the business.

With regard to promotional products, the most effective ones are practical and likely to be used on a daily basis or anything that will be kept on your employees’ desks and in their line of sight.

Usbs, pens, powerbanks, water bottles, coffee cups and scribble pads are some of our most popular items. We also provide a custom printing service for business stationery products such as desk calendars…call 1890 409 988 or email hello@stacked.ie now!

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2. Communicate 

Set a clear direction. Explain what the company objective is and how each employee contributes towards the overall goal. Give regular feedback and encourage your employees to do the same. Regularly ask if there is anything you can do to help them achieve their goals.

Provide physical tools for them to communicate with you, and with each other. After all, actions sometimes speak louder than words! Make sure that you have plenty of tools available to support communication and collaboration within your business. Noticeboards, whiteboards, flip-charts, software, conferencing equipment, suggestion boxes and wall mounted document displays are all available to order from our online stores.

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3. Recognise 

Make sure your employees know that they and their efforts are valued and recognised. Reinforcing the right behaviours ensures the continued success of your company. Rewards can be tangible like vouchers or prizes or intangible like an extra day’s holiday or a long lunch.

Some of the most successful rewards schemes are recognition based and don’t involve actual prizes at all. Provide a way for your staff to nominate each other for a job well done and award certificates of recognition instead – you can order everything you need; paper, frames, laminators, printers and ink on our website!

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