With news of fines for GDPR data breaches becoming more and more prevalent, have you considered how your business is currently safeguarding its records?

It’s one thing to ensure your network security* but can you absolutely stand over the security of your hard copy documents and records?

In most cases it is necessary to retain certain documents for set periods defined by bodies such as the Revenue or to comply with employment law.

According to the Revenue website, you must retain all books, records and documents relevant to your business for a period of six years. Revenue has extensive powers to inspect your records. It is an offence if you or your employees fail to co-operate with Revenue. Further information on retention periods can be found in the below table from Shred-it.

Depending on the size of your business it is possible to accumulate a considerable number of records in these time frames.

Shred-it has a very handy guide which is available to download on their website;

Document Retention Periods Records

A good records management program can help you improve your business results in the following five ways;

  1. The systematic disposal of records will prevent costly paper accumulation and free up valuable space if you store your records on site.
  2. Your company will be protected from accidental or premature destruction of records.
  3. Reference retrieval will be faster – less time will be spent waiting for information.
  4. Purchases of excessive office filing equipment will be avoided.
  5. Potentially crippling breaches of corporate security will be safeguarded against.

So, what is the best way to organise and secure your hard copies?

Selecting the correct product is key to ensuring the best records management system is created. Use the table below as a guide to the type of product that will best suit your needs. Further guidance and product information can be found on page 306 of our main catalogue;

You Have

You Need Storage Units Transfer Files Storage Boxes
Limited space and no shelving Stackable units that offer space saving floor or desktop storage solutions Yes
A requirement for easy, frequent access to files Storage units that eliminate the need to un-stack and re-stack boxes Yes
A need to save time retrieving files Storage units that cut retrieval times in half Yes Yes
No requirement for frequent, easy access to files Stackable storage boxes to save space Yes Yes
A need to move and handle records frequently Stronger boxes that are designed for frequent moving and handling Yes
A need to move records to an offsite location for long term storage Transfer files or lever arch files that can be placed in storage boxes to maintain a filing system off site Yes Yes
Lever arch files that are accessed regularly Selected filing units that are compatible with lever arch files and designed for frequent use Yes
Lever arch files that need to be stored long term Selected storage boxes that are compatible with lever arch files and are ideal for long term storage


If you are storing your records on site, it may be necessary to install some security in the area they are held in. Depending on the size of the storage are required, this could be as simple as a locked door on a storage cupboard or room or as high tech as a biometric access panel to a secured area.

The main thing to remember is that every process, access point and security protocol should be documented and amalgamated into your existing data protection policy and that all of the relevant staff are made aware of the procedures for accessing and storing hard copy business records. This is a requirement under the new General Data Protection Regulation (2018).

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