Digital Communication Solutions have been advancing steadily for decades and are becoming an integral part of the modern retail environment and contemporary workplace. 

No matter what your business objectives are we can help tailor a dynamic Digital Communications Package which will help you future proof your business, achieve your goals and transform the way you engage with your customers and staff.


Digitalisation as a Service (DaaS) is a 360° Solution from Stacked, which incorporates finance, hardware, software, installation, training and on-going support into one low monthly price. 

Intelligent analytics add-ons are available to further increase the return on investment for your business. Our analytics integrations incorporate invaluable insights on audience measurement, campaign insights and content performance so you can see at a glance what’s working and why.

Retail Solutions

1. Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards have been proven to increase sales by upwards of 25% on static printed point of sale. The ability to automate your menu board content and time pricing and offers for breakfast, lunch and afternoon trade enables you to position the right offers in front of the right audience at the right time. Our content management system is one of the most flexible and powerful on the market today. Our Digital Signage as a Service Solution delivered starts from as little as €1 per day. This is a complete turnkey offering from installation to content design and delivery with support from an ISO certified supplier.

2. Outdoor LCD/LEDs
LCD and LED advertising screens provide a higher brightness and resolution than traditional screens, ensuring that your content will be seen perfectly, even in broad daylight, and when the sun hits the screen directly. Using outdoor advertising screens can help you attract the attention of passersby, resulting in increased footfall.
3. Digital Product Discovery Solutions
Did you know that by creating an element of interaction with your product you can increase sales by 33% and improve brand loyalty and adhesion by as much as 65%? Space for messaging can be limited on both static and digital displays. Take it one step further and make your solution, product or service fully immersive. Enable your customers to get all of the information they need about your products in their own time and on their terms.
4. Audience Measurement Solutions
Understanding the demographic profile of your customers gives you the ability to position the right messaging in front of the right people at the right time. This is key to getting a decent return on investment from your digital signage solutions. Our software partners offer a full suite of analytics from straightforward proof of play to viewability, views and attention time and all data is anonymised ensuring that you stay GDPR compliant.
5. Kiosk Supply and Support
Interactive kiosks are temporary or permanent freestanding digital touch screens that allow users access to information and services such as product or service information, wayfinding, employee self-service portals, access management and ordering and payment facilities. They can also be used for retail advertising.
6. Digital Out of Home Solutions
Intelligent digital signage offers retailers an opportunity to create new revenue streams by positioning digital displays to cross sell or upsell in areas of high footfall or along key category aisles in store.
7. Brand Activation Solutions
We can create a package which incorporates several different hardware, software and support solutions and is custom built to support your business and marketing objectives . Contact us to arrange a consultation.

Retail ROI Calculator

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Corporate Solutions

1. Video Walls

Video walls, also known as large format digital displays in reception or lobby areas, are an excellent way of making a positive first impression on new or existing clientele. Content can be tailored for specific visitors, by time of day, or day of the week. News feeds, traffic information, social media timelines and custom built corporate videos can be rotated. Split screen layouts can be used to showcase a selection of content at the same time. The larger the display the bigger impact it will make – in this case bigger really is better!


2. Content Management Software

We are proud to be an official partner of NowSignage, one of the world’s leading Content Management System solutions. NowSignage is a scalable cloud-based digital signage software that enables you to display content where and when it matters.With a user friendly dashboard, multiple integrations – from Microsoft BI to YouTube and a full reporting capability, this is a solution that exists purely to simplify and speed up your content delivery process.

3. Employee Engagement Solutions
Providing employees and teams with secure, real-time performance related data can foster an environment of success and continuous improvement. The modern workplace consists of many digital processes and platforms which can enhance the way organisational teams interact, collaborate, develop insights, automate business processes, and ultimately sell. We have a range of Digital Communications Solutions which can be added to a package tailored especially for your business and its objectives.

Digital Out of Home Solutions

We can create a package which incorporates several different hardware, software and support solutions and is custom built to support your business and marketing objectives . Book a consultation now.

Workplace Collaboration Tools

The quality of your video and audio have become more important than ever before. We have a full range of the latest hardware and software solutions to take your conferencing experience to the next level as well as adding extra functionality to drive team collaboration and participation. We also have complete room, desk and visitor management software, interactive whiteboards, and digital signage solutions to help improve communication with both staff and visitors.

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