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Michael Moran & Co. Solicitors

“I always find Stacked very helpful, if I ever have any queries or questions they are answered quickly.  I personally deal with Gavin and he always finds the best value for money for me, is extremely helpful and a pleasure to do business with.  Very happy with the service.”

Lisa Swain, Michael Moran & Co. Solicitors, Business Supplies Customer, Castlebar, Co.Mayo


Royal Dublin Society

Founded in 1731, the Royal Dublin Society is a philanthropic Society set up to furthering the broad economic and cultural development of Ireland. Synonymous with events like the Horse Show, it stages many exhibitions, concerts and sporting events.

The goal of our Managed Print Services team is to work in partnership with the RDS to devise the optimum solution for the Society’s needs. Our team tailored a solution to satisfy the individual requirements across the wider campus and benefitted the overall organisation through increased productivity and cost savings.

“We’ve been using Stacked for over a year and a half now. Since we got them on board, we have streamlined our printing process. We previously dealt with 3 different suppliers, which we have now amalgamated into 1, saving us both time and money.

Stacked supply us with HP printers and toners and provide any maintenance we need. They manage our toner levels remotely so we don’t even need to place an order; it’s delivered when it’s required. We know that our printers are taken care of so that’s one less thing to worry about. We also know what our printing costs are going to be for the year.

What sets them apart is the level of service they provide. Our account manager, is a great support. He’s in regular contact and deals with any issues efficiently.

One of the best things about them is their flexibility. During some of our events, like the Dublin Horse Show, our printing needs increase and they supply extra printers during those times and take them away again when they’re no longer needed.

During the tender process we were back and forth a lot with them and they were willing to go the extra mile. They adapted their business model to suit our needs and that makes all the difference.”

Senan Healy, Library & Information Systems Manager, RDS


SGS Management Services
(Sisk Group)

John Sisk & Son is an international construction company with a turnover of more than €1bn. Headquartered in Ireland, they have domestic operations in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland and international operations in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. They have over 150 years of experience and remain a family run business in its fifth generation.

Understanding the pressures that internal Helpdesks are under to deliver quick and rapid responses to their users was critical in providing a solution for the team at Sisk. Taking away he need to deal with multiple vendors and spending time sourcing ad hoc IT product demands allows them to spend more time delivering the best service to their users.

“I’ve been using Stacked for over 5 years for a range of IT accessories and local printers and overall I’m really happy with the service they provide. They are really quick to come back with quotes and they are extremely helpful. If there’s ever a problem, they get it sorted right away. Their website is really helpful and makes it very easy to see what they have and what I need to order.

They are very efficient, which saves me time and effort. Anything I need, they get onto it ASAP – I’ll have it next morning the majority of times.

They offer a much friendlier and more personal service and they really take the time to get to know you. They are very easy to get along with, which is one of the many reasons I keep going back to them.”

William Parsons, SGS Management Services


McLoughlin & Sons Hardware Holdings Ltd

Michael Mc Loughlin & Sons Wholesale was founded in 1958 by Michael McLoughlin. The company grew from a small family business to a major supplier to the Gardening/DIY trade over a period of fifty years and are now Ireland’s leading distributor to the Hardware, Gardening and Homewares market.

Most companies want value for money not just at the time they start dealing with you, but throughout the lifetime of the relationship. At stacked we always take the long term view. Customers stay with us because they know that there is real value in dealing with a company who sees the relationship as a true partnership.

“I’ve been using Stacked for stationary and office supplies since May 2014 and I’m very happy with the service they provide. I find them very helpful, particularly if you’re stuck for anything, they’ll get back to you in a matter of minutes.

I know I’m getting the best value for money because if I find a lower price they’ll match it if they possibly can. Compared with other suppliers I’ve used in the past, Stacked are very reliable and won’t leave you hanging. They’re very responsive and great for keeping in touch. They keep me updated with any special offers they have. They’re also very efficient and have definitely saved me time.

They’re the only supplier I’m using at the moment and I plan to continue using them. I would absolutely recommend them.”

Jamie Byrne, McLoughlin & Sons Hardware Holdings Ltd.


Gonzaga College, Ranelagh

Gonzaga was founded in 1950. At present there are nearly 560 on the College rolls continuing in the same tradition that its founders envisaged.

Typically most educational institutions have a proliferation of devices that are difficult to manage and expensive to run. Costs can quickly spiral out of control and maintenance can become a major drain on IT resources. The objective was to provide a print management solution that improved asset utilisation, increased operational efficiencies and, most importantly, reduced costs.

“We’ve been using Stacked since earlier this year. Initially we were looking for a managed printing solution so we put the business out to tender.

They offered a very competitive quote and I found their level of service exemplary from the start. They were willing to go above and beyond, even before they got the business. We were holding tough on ordering toner while we were deciding which company to choose and we ran out. They personally delivered a single toner cartridge to us right away.

We used to have about 40 different media types to keep in stock, now they take care of all that for us. Since coming on board, not only have they saved us money, they have also seriously cut down on the time and effort involved in managing numerous different devices and fixing printers and have made users much more productive.

They’ll go to great lengths to get things right for you. We were so impressed with their service that we now utilise them for our other IT requirements. I’ll certainly be continuing to use them. ”

Pat Noonan, Gonzaga College


Allcare Management Services Ltd.,

Allcare Management Services supports community pharmacies by delivering the support services that enable pharmacists to provide expert medical care and advice to their customers. Founded in 2010, they currently support over 75 Irish pharmacies.

After assessing Allcare Management Services’ printing requirements, we streamlined their processes and were able to cut their costs significantly. At Stacked we know that trust is everything when it comes to keeping our clients happy so we make sure we deliver on our initial offer and we don’t make promises we can’t keep. “We were spending a fortune on ink, paper, toner and printing supplies and needed to look at an alternative. To change suppliers there has to be a cost saving, obviously, but service levels are also an important factor. They’ll always undercut each other to give you a lower price but it’s how they deal with the business once they get it that makes the real difference. I’ve been using Stacked for a year now and right from the tender stage the whole offering was very professional from start to finish. The trust was built right away. Changing suppliers can be a hassle but their professionalism took the pain out of it. We’ve been burned by suppliers before but they delivered on everything they promised, which was a big plus for me. And unlike some others, they didn’t just disappear once they had the business. They still check in with me regularly and the support is there all the way through. I’ve recently started using their business supplies team and I’m delighted to say that I’m experiencing the same high levels of service from them – so far, so good.”

Norabeth Hogan, Operations & Marketing Co-ordinator Allcare Management Services Ltd.