Meet Some Of Our Stackers

Our Stackers are the amazing people who make our business special. That’s why we have grown into the business we are today. We deal with thousands of customers who trust what we do and we hopefully make their business better as a result.

These are some of the people you may come across at Stacked…and a little bit about who they are.

Our People, Our Culture

I’ve been working for stacked for 3 years and I work as a Level 2 Helpdesk Engineer, providing escalated support to both our Level 1 Helpdesk team and our field engineers.

We have an incredible team spirit at stacked; we work hard and play hard. I have never worked anywhere that supports its staff so well with the tools and technology we need to get the job done right.

The level of training we receive is excellent. All the training and certification is paid for, so it’s a great opportunity to build on your qualifications.

Warren Hannigan, Level 2 Helpdesk Engineer
I’m Senior Account Manager and I’ve been working with stacked for 4 years.

Working in sales and having targets to hit, incentives are a big part of it and at stacked the incentives are second to none.

We get regular training in different aspects of the business and there are great opportunities for career progression.

There’s always a great atmosphere here. You can leave your problems at the door and just get on with the job.

Lyndsey Price, Senior Account Manager
As sales Director for our supplies division, I manage a large team of account managers and ensure our customers get the best possible experience from using stacked.

We realise that your unhappiest customer is your greatest source of learning. We might not get it right 100% of the time but if we make a mistake we learn from it and put steps in place to prevent it from happening again.

I’ve been with stacked since 2007 and have worked my way up through the ranks so career progression is actively encouraged. Stacked are great at spotting the potential in people and giving them a chance. They put the time and effort into training them, developing them and nurturing their talent and it really pays off.

What really sets stacked apart is our relationship with our customers. It’s not always just about the commercials, we want to build lasting relationships. When we ask them how their day is going, we’re genuinely interested in the answer.

Jody O'Donohoe, Sales Director
We’re all about saving people money. Our customers appreciate the savings we can offer and enjoy the convenience of amalgamating several services into one – which means less invoices, less hassle and everything under one roof.

I had never worked in sales before I joined stacked but they saw the potential in me and were willing to give me a chance and I haven’t looked back since.

The people you work with make a big difference to how much you enjoy your job. Even as the team has got bigger, the culture has remained the same, which we hope makes the customer experience more enjoyable.

Brian Morrissey, Business Development